Y O U define Y O U - No one else.


If you don't read anything else today. Read this.
You know what's GREAT about America? (No worries not political). 😜

It's that we call have DIFFERENT opinions and I for one stinking love that. You know what's not okay? Degrading someone just because it's not your style, your standards, your beliefs or whatever it may be.

We need to STAND TOGETHER - not rip each other apart.
So my dress is too short for you - that's fine, I can appreciate that - you know what? I actually even wore it with jeans at one point and it was just as cute. You think my dress is too short, so I'm misguided and setting a bad example for my girls. Wrong. My parents are BOMB and thanks to them I'm strong enough to know that your words don't define me.
I work my butt off to show my girls that with hard work and determination you can do ANYTHING - regardless of what anyone says. I work 80ish hours a week, I'm finishing college, I cook and clean (somedays 😂), and I'm a part of a wonderful gym. I don't do everything right - I make tons of mistakes. I'm just over here Mommin' as best as I can so I do not nor any other parent need ANYONE telling them he/she is not doing it right. It's hard enough being a mom, wondering if you should feed them this, let them play outside or is the weather going to make them sick, or should they watch this on TV. I might not do everything right, but what I can tell you is that the LENGTH of my DRESS does not make me a bad mom. It doesn't mean my kids are in bad hands. IT DANG SURE DOESN'T mean you can say any of that. 
My goal here is to empower other women. I want women of ALL shapes, sizes, races and ages to feel beautiful and feel like they can wear whatever the heck they want if they're comfortable in it. If that means they run around with nothing showing, fine - if they show everything, fine. I'm not here to judge anyone. I'm here to make women love who they are inside and out. I'm here to inspire other women that anything is possible. Break those glass ceilings. Stand on your own two feet. BE A VOICE. BE STRONG. STAND UP FOR WHO YOU ARE. 
Most Importantly - NEVER, and I mean NEVER, let someone else's words define who you are. 

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  • Thank you this is a test to my children about syber bullying you did great I hope they see how this can effect someone and it is not a good thing just because you can’t see them in person. Have a great day!! Sorry for the replies but. Real lesson is worth. 1000 words


  • Phyllis – I hope you know that when that photo was taken I had JUST had my second baby via C-Section as well as a hysterectomy. For the first time in almost a YEAR I felt like ‘myself,’ again. My legs are fat? Wrong. My legs are strong. I’m not ashamed of my legs then, now or ever.

    I can respect that you don’t like how I look. If your momma didn’t teach you this – I will. If you don’t have anything nice to say. Don’t say it.

    Which is basically what my blog said. I’m trying to LIFT women up. I want other women to feel empowered. Not feel like we have to change who we are to fit someone else’s mold of who they think we should be. Not feel like they’re going to be torn down when they post a picture they feel beautiful in.


  • Actually, I’m not liberal, so nice try.
    I’ll try keep this simple, so that even someone with a tiny brain can comprehend. You don’t know her, so you don’t qualify as her friend. I do know her, and she is beautiful. Legs, eyes, arms, hair, but most important, her soul is beautiful. As a true friend to her – I choose to comment on all of that beauty.

    One more thing: if you’re going to call me a “looser” LEARN HOW TO SPELL IT!

    Oh, and nobody gives a rat’s ass about your first, second, or third impression.


  • I don’t know why people would not be honest about how someone looks so they can look better I would rather have friend that would tell me the truth then lie to me about how I look or act
    With friends like that who need enemies
    I guess that is the liberal way lie it makes you feel better and no one gets hurt
    My first impression honest I don’t candy coat it looser and girl feelings

    Phyllis Quartaro

  • To the asshole who said her legs are nasty….her legs, her appearance, her EVERYTHING is none of your business. She is beautiful, inside and out, and you are DISGUSTING! How about you have a taste of your own advice and look at the first impression that YOU just made. PS learn how to spell, you moron. “Cloths” eye roll


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