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You may or may not know the name of the woman who I'm working with to offer these KILLER Authentic Louis Vuttion's completely fringed out, at even better prices. Well, if you didn't her name is Morgan and she's seriously AWESOME. 

She knows I love elephants so, she "themed," it Elephants! It was a total surprise I told her to do whatever she wanted and that was ALMOST better than the bag itself. I'll post a picture of me carrying it and the details on Instagram (@toosassyboutique) later so make sure you're following me!

Now the Saint Cloud was SUPPOSED to arrive to Morgan LAST week but it didn't get to her until Monday evening. She worked tirelessly to get it to me in time for Christmas even though I told her I understood, it was all out of her control. Well, she not only completed my bag in time but when she went to USPS, they told her it wouldn't make it even if she overnighted it, again I told her it was out of control and I understood. An hour or so later she messaged me and told me that FedEx would be delivering it to me tomorrow (today now), in time for CHRISTMAS! 

So I got my bag today with this sweet note, I'll let the note speak for itself.

Maybe its the holiday's, maybe I'm just excited, regardless I teared up and my husband thinks I'm even crazier now! Ha. 

Now for the fun stuff, how much do they cost? How do YOU get one? Can your own bag be fringed? How long does it take? Are they authentic? I've got all the answers for you!

How do YOU get one?

YOU can order one already made HERE or you can get one custom made by shooting me an email at  

Are these authentic?!

DUH! Each bag is authenticated by MeMes Treasures!

Can your own bag be fringed?

Of course it can! Shoot us an email at for a quote on your bag! We need a picture of the purse, the dimensions and some details about what you're wanting done! 

How much does one cost?

A wristlet will start out at $500 and purses start out at $850. Your own bag will have to be custom quoted.

 How long does it take?

Currently, turn around is about ONE week after Morgan receives your bag or 2-3 weeks once your custom order is placed.

What do they look like?

This one is MINE! LOVE! 

Checkout a close up of the custom braiding!

What else do I need to know?

You should also know that we offer payment plans! How cool is that?! You should know that your bag will NOT be started on or shipped (if you buy one already completed) until your payment plan is complete. 

Do you have more questions? Leave them in the comments or shoot us an email!

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