Fringe Fo' Dayzzz


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SO SO EXCITED to share this with y'all! 

Fringe Leather bags, coming for ya! ?
(This bag is NOT finished, just a sneak I got).

Initially these will be by order only. Don't want to pay it all at once? That's fine we'll take payments! MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE YOUR BAG IS ORDERED. Please note that deposits will NOT be refunded. 

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks once paid in full! Prices will vary from bag to bag. All designer bags will be authenticated. These bags will start at $850.00, which is an AMAZING PRICE! That's WHOLESALE from other people! Don't worry, the quality is still fabulous! Stay tuned to see how you can WIN a FREE CUSTOM strap on your bag!

Please send me an email at with any inquires! 

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